The Lover Man

The Lover Man

It was just a day… but not any another ordinary day.

Peter could have sworn the nightmare he had was real notwithstanding the calm in the dark room he had tucked himself into. He tried to lift himself and felt the sharp bruises over his left shoulder.

“John, James… are you there?” His question echoed into the dark of the room and no reply came through. The room seemed different, not the usual big cinnamon tree they all slept in the past days away from the Master’s tree. He became perplexed. Could it be real? Could he have denied JC as the dream portrayed.

He made efforts to get up and reached for the door. The bright light shone right into his eyes and hurt his pupil. And then he heard the cock crow… once, twice and the very last. Everything came running back to his mind. Just some few hours ago, JC has asked they wait up with him. But he was much scared, they had guns, knives and spears, all fiery looking with blood-shot eyes, with one aim to kill JC.

He reached for one of the guards and cut off his ear with the blunt spear in defense of JC; JC had done so much for them, they had all become used to his leadership and selflessness. JC simply reached up for the guard’s ear and did the usual. “Peter, don’t worry, I’ll be fine, remember I said it would eventually happen; don’t forget your promise, don’t forget me”, that was all he said as they whisked him away like a criminal.

Peter couldn’t hold it anymore, he burst into tears, He hadn’t just deserted JC after he saw more guards, he even denied any association to JC; all JC asked for was just an acquaintance, just someone he could call friend through the rain and story times. His heart melted away thinking of all the things he had done for them, right from when he bailed out his overnight fish drought with the net-braking catch, and the other time he nicknamed him “The Rock”.

Peter slipped back into the room, the shame of others discovering his coward act of betrayal broke him more, he knelt, he cried, he begged JC to forgive him. The room felt so much like he was there. I guess if you were in JC’s shoes, the ever present friend in the time of need, you would have blatantly rejected Peter. But that’s the awesome gift he brings along with his relationship, he just over-loves everyone. He is love personified.

Guess what, He had even known right from the very start Peter was going to bail.
Few days afterwards, he was back. Peter saw him; but instead of shouting, he hugged him and kissed him by his cheeks. He had missed him sorely. Peter couldn’t imagine what a friend JC was, he was sure delighted to have that relationship back. One more thing. JC knew he had to go. So he promised to send another friend like him to who would keep them company and help them even more than he did. He made good his word. Few months later, Peter was in front of 3000 guys proudly and boldly declaring how awesome a friend JC was.

Peter’s claim to fame was nothing personal, it’s a story of love and mercy – Jesus Christ’s ever amazing love.



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