The Internet of Beings

I draw my epiphany from Kevin Ashton and his popular and emerging IT terminology – The Internet of Things. For clarification, the internet of things refers to the ability of a device or person to transmit information across a network given a unique identity of fit over the network. Pragmatically, a chip can be attached to your car tyre to automatically alert or mail your mechanic whenever it’s below a certain threshold.

Everyone can relate to few times in life when you just wished your confusion could be alleviated by the provision of a certain discrete information, that feeling when you could know the exact time to leave the house to avoid traffic, understand and correctly predict how your Boss would react and thus prevent it. This for me is where I find the limitation of human technology, at least, as of now, the ability to retrieve information outside the human “touch zone”

I would thus as a wannabe professor define the Internet of Beings as the ability of a person to know without any clue the seemingly indeterminate events, thoughts and feelings of the other.

I have been in few services where a man stands before people and tells them of things they’ve never shared with anyone and what would be if they took specific steps. However, the current dispensation is filled with different false variants of this and thus people led to their wits end. We are generally as citizens positioned as “Charismatic Blamers” each time our leaders and government take specific decisions which take an ill tow on the populace, in our words “shouldn’t they know better? Is that not why we chose them”
So to the main question, can anyone know all things? The bible mentions of “a spirit in man whose understanding is fueled by the inspiration of something metaphysical – God, the Almighty”. That would mean there is a spiritual chip in human beings whose activation can trigger the potential understanding of events. As Nigeria adds another year, we can relate to the current plunge of the naira against forex, the economic hardship fueled by the non-existent of our “crude” partially due to the current crisis of different militant groups, and you wouldn’t agree any better that there is an earnest expectation for the manifestation of the “Sons”. People would die to have someone who knew everything about them, even what they didn’t even care about.

“He who raised Christ from the dead will also give life to your mortal bodies because of his Spirit who lives in you” literally implies that God activates that spiritual chip in man using his spirit in you. This takes me to the very source and possibility for the Internet of Beings – The Holy Spirit. When he comes to you, he becomes a teacher bringing understanding to the very complicated things, a revealer of secrets – able to provide discernment to every hidden thing and ability to know the mind of God, thus you’re able to make the right decisions into God’s will and every godly act.

Personally and objectively, this is the way to go for us; and if you already do have him, you can long for more. Our independence as Nigeria can mean something for us as Christians, the ability to indeed be free by the truth – to know, to hear and to see that which is only spiritually made possible by the spirit.


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