Soul trading in the hood

Soul trading in the hood

Today I experienced something new, something great, an experience I have never pictured being a part of. It was an amazing adventure, I saw life from another angle and what it felt like to have very little and yet be much.

Initially, I displayed reluctance when was asked to join the team for today’s mobile church, as I didn’t like the idea of going to the streets, messing up my carefully pressed outfit and my well polished shoes and the general idea of leaving the comfort of our cozy church. Mowe bus-stop was the destination today or better still – Home; the garage as usual had no roof, messy floor, uncomfortable chairs and the untidy scenery of “Agberos” and bus-conductors.

Something certainly was different about today, I guess it stems from the premise that God was there, he certainly went with us anyway. It began with an outright change in paradigm, from the mildness to joy for being there. I would say God opened my eyes to see things differently, right from the instant I beheld those we unconsciously condemn and regard as” Agberos”, and perceive as being useless to us and the society. But as you already know, Jesus loves them all – whether yellow, black, stained and rejected.

We arranged chairs and commenced the praise and worship session with no one yet in sight, I guess the sound of sonorous praise drew them out of the corners.

My very surprise was at the passion they displayed during the praise and worship, the message, and the prayer session. You see… I was initially confused at our arrival, as I expected to see people well-dressed for the “formal church service”, but non to my dismay. I saw some smoking, eating, while other chatted away. My puzzle evoked questions: where are our members? Are these the people that are coming for service?


As Christians, we often get comfortable in our lovely attires and studio-looking church edifices and get clouded from seeing the reason behind our calling and the premise for our adoption. The norm of our regular service transcends from “pinging”, chatting and every other form of distraction asides being engaged in the presence of the most-high. Here we had people with enough reasons for worry, in no designer clothing and footwear yet enjoying God in the best possible way. Lest I forget, I’m sometimes guilty of these; right there I was at some point worried about the mud getting to my lovely shoes but snapped off at the light of these exposition.


The mobile church recorded a population of 22 excluding the members of the church. Speaking of our core church members, we had our very own youth pastor, Abiola Olatunji to grace the service. For me, this was particularly a humbling experience showing me the very essence of Leadership – “by example”. In his words, actually I’ve translated this to Yoruba as he conversed with the members in Yoruba as they were most not so learner – “this is the main church, this church is more important to me than any other”.


I must commend and appreciate God for our Parish and others for this type of laudable idea. It’s cliché to go on outreaches with the hope of your converts coming to church but it’s simply unique to take the church out to them thus precluding their impedances of “what to wear” and how to fit into our “hallowed society of saints”. MPS has also gone a step further in taking welfare items to cater for some of these people.

We brought food, drinks, clothing amongst others just to make them feel loved and to show the love of God.

I was really glad to be a partaker of this great adventure and being candid, this has been of my best experiences since I became a worker in the church. In final thoughts, it dawned on me that I had unequivocally participated in adding to God’s kingdom and thus touched God’s heart. Every Christian needs to be part of the “soul trading” exercise either directly or in giving, to ensure lives are touched materially.

I learnt a lot from my experience today and I hope my shared experience changes another’s life as it has done to mine.



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