F. I. G. H. T.

Topic: Facing Impossibilities With God High Technique (F.I.G.H.T)

Text: 1 Samuel 17:1-27


Because you don’t test what you carry, you die like mere men. Test your God and he will surprise you.

Instead of David seeing difficulty he saw opportunity, David did not look on how mighty Goliath was, but saw how to put him to the ground.

What Are The Things That I Need To F.I.G.H.T

(1) Attitude (Lies)
(2) Anger
(3) Pride
(4) Generational Strongholds
(5) Poverty

I Can Face Impossibilities With

(1) The Word
(2) The Power Of Sight
(3) The Power Of The Tongue
(4) The Power Of Prayer
(5) The Power Of Fellowship

Fear is not of God but of the Devil, So kill that Fear today.


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