Overcoming Doubt

The theatrical nuances of schooling influences every young school leaver, and I wasn’t of any exception. Most of out final year discussions went from a potential great job, Chevron offer, and one net-breaking career opportunity

Trust me, I’m a believer; a faith-driving and executing one.

I grew up in the Lord and have had a wonderful experience of his manifold blessing, I dare say – everything I laid my hands on prospers.

So school finished, “Pali” handed over, and God did it, a honor-filled certificate; and it’s so easy to connect those chevron expectations with the reality in God’s word of the fulfillment of “things eyes not seen” and “ears not heard”

Hmmnn.. *Yeah.. that was a deep sigh”, I just seem slightly confused, I waited and waited and I sorta joined the “no-Job” bandwagon; I won’t say that I don’t believe God again but my faith was so shattered and hope crushed.

So my supposed day of breakthrough came, note my use of the word supposed; it was an interview on the island which I had been invited for. You know that very point you can so recite “and Jesus increased in wisdom and stature”.. yeah, so it was that the secretary told me Oga said I should come in to his office.

“Errm.. Nice results, You seem very intelligent” as he looked at me head to toe, seemingly admiring and assessing me like a Senior House Master; “Let me not waste time, you have the job, as a matter of fact, my P.A and Secretary… you know, just very simple; me and you like 5 and 6… and the job is yours”.. and with this very formal and stern look on his face.

I walked out and turned down his offer. I went home more downcast than I had been. Did I not obey God? does God hate me? What’s all this about?

But deep within my heart, I had a conviction in my spirt that I doubted God than I even thought he could do it all, and at this point, I “sorta” felt much pity for myself… then the tears.. and I feel strongly, God came to my aid as I cried to him that day, I received strength and grace from above; I guess its that point when “his grace is sufficient for us and his strength made perfect in our weakness”. There’s that thing Satan does when you allow doubt creep in… it comes with depression, pain, confusion… he causes the fight of faith to become a flight of faith

I made a turning point or better still, a focus point… Just to trust him notwithstanding, unconditionally, firmly.

And God did it, he always anyway… sometimes we just felt it should be now! now! now! I got three interviews, and yeah the one I finally settled for, came with all God planned, the good pay and favor all-round.

I must confess, sometimes it doesn’t seem easy; and like me, you lose hope in all ways, you’re shattered and disappointed. Simply look beyond the present problem, look up to Jesus and cast your faith to him. Grow your relationship with him, deeper and he comes in to lift you above the doubts.

And in the end, like that very hymn – “Through the love of Christ our savior”, all becomes well.


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