Opened ears and hearts

Picture your uncle who offered you a new Apple macbook laptop making good his word today, the opposite is exam day for most students… I, not exempted.

Woke up to a cold harmattan morning 30mins before the 9am paper and met a few of my mates arguing on the AOC (area of concentration) which the course teacher had given viz a viz the correct answers to go with the questions. Snap! It was a lot like I relived the slap my dad gave me when I returned home last semester with my poor result… He simply said “this is a preview of what to come if you attempt this next time” … and I immediately walked away discarding the “rub and shine” I had earlier planned, tucked into my clothes and was on my way to the exam hall in 5minutes.

Tade! Stand up! “Yes sir!” I replied…  and then it dawned on me that it wasn’t Femi Johnson-Tuko the man called… the panic of having spent 1 hour and only answered one question threw me into an unrest. I quickly sat down and apologized to Mr “Bond” as the students tagged him. This Further-Mathematics paper commenced exactly 9:15 after all the students had settled in and Mr Bond had sternly warned all to steer clear of any possible form of malpractice, not even “girrafing”. Tade “Whiz-Kid” Olubanji is the class’ baddest guy, runs the gangs, controls the babes and almost never attends classes, and thus always involved in any form of malpractice you can think of; rumor has it that he’s the son of a top politician in the ruling Nigerian political party.

Like a flash, Tade tossed the piece of “Orijo” – well squeezed sheet of “Higher-education” booklet under my chair; stood up with a pompous gait, and mildly answered “Yes Sir”. Mr Bond walked up to him and asked him to produce the material he was peeping into and afterwards frisked him. Several thoughts raced across my mind, “should I call Mr Bond’s attention to the piece of evidence? Will I be tagged a betrayal if I expose Tade?”. Dissatisfied, Mr Bond requested anyone who witnessed Tade in the crime or who saw him keep away the “expo’ to come out as he’d deal the same punishment for Tade to such.

I decided to keep quiet, it felt an awkward behavior to expose Tade… no big boy does such!

Mr Bond left shortly; and returned with an army of commando-looking lecturers to search the entire exam hall. I became tensed with the turn of events, I bent down to toss the paper away without looking up. “What are you doing down there?”, Mr Lawal asked, (one of the exam’s convener) “Nothing sir” I replied… Then he drew closer to see what exactly I was up to and thus saw the piece of orijo.

What is that? He shouted… calling to the attention of other lecturers; lurking under my sit was Tade’s piece of paper; I could hear persecuting murmurs across the room – “So Pastor Femi too can gbe expo… with all his fellowship stunts”.

There I stood frozen in guilt, this a totally different type of guilt. “How did this get here?”, Mr. Bond asked. I looked at the paper then at him and not a single word could flow from my mouth.

He requested for a malpractice form which I filled truthfully stating my ordeal and left the hall in an embarrassed state.

So this was my guilt, right there I knew I heard the still voice instructing me to report the evidence under my seat, If only I had hearkened to the Holy-spirit, I would have avoided the drama I ended up in. in retrogression, I feel I had even discarded the heed hoping to compromise and ask for answer as I was rather ill-prepared for the exam.

There in my room I wept, all I could do was simply pray, I asked for mercy, not more for the outcomes of the panel which I was to face, I just needed his help… simply that he would help me… and certainly in his norm, he will hear my plea.


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