Now I See

Tarsus wasn’t different from any other suburb; actually, it was very popular and notable in its time for being a commercial hub for goods processing along the Mediterranean Sea. On one cold chilly morning, baby Pee was born into a wealthy tarsus household and immediately stole the love of his family. Dad and Mum had been much used to the Pharisaic traditions and thus raised him to become one of its bests.

He had the very best of everything wanted. Gamaliel High School had one of its most outstanding students in Pee. He afterwards went on Jerusalem’s popular college where he excelled in his favorite subjects of Classical Literature, Philosophy and Ethics. He didn’t stop there, Pee took up an extra skill as he became vast and apt in making lovely tents. He travelled the whole of Asia and became one of the best scholars of his time.

It wasn’t surprising that he immediately got an offer with the government when he returned home; he worked under the department of philosophy and co-ordinated all cases regarding religious differences. He was simply exceptional. People loved him, they simply enjoyed his professionalism, diplomacy and tact.

Pee couldn’t believe his eyes, or maybe I should say he couldn’t even see. He couldn’t just explain what had happened. This wasn’t any different from any other morning when he took out to arrest the anti-government fanatics. Seeking for help in the situation he found himself, he went into the street begging for alms, little did they know that he was the “Popular Accuser”. His close friends who knew him had rejected him, his family didn’t seem to bother.

“How could this have happened to me?”, he said to himself, pondering on how events had turned. He set out on this very morning to arrest fanatics; in the midst of a calm weather did a huge light shone on his face, and the very next is the history he now recalls.

Bro Ana as fondly called was a devoted man in the city. He was just like one of those upheld elders of the land, who on the other hand made favorite with the fanatics. Ana snapped off out of his dream, he couldn’t have heard rightly: “Go into the street and heal a young fellow for he is the Chosen one”. He had hoped it wasn’t the same Pee who was in context. With shock and growing emotion of dread, he went ahead.

Ana found Pee right where the dream had described. “Hmmmn, Morning Sir Pee” Ana Said. The next few words troubled him, he sounded and was much different from the man he had heard and witnessed so much of. Much pity and sorrow emanated for Pee. He was shivering as he spoke.

In contrast and surprise to all, Pee made good with his life. From Saul to Pastor “Pee” Paul, he had become the shadow of his former self – he was now the lead fanatic. Prison time couldn’t preclude him, even the frequent starvation only made his love for the master stronger. Few months afterwards on his sojourn with one of his friends, a special miracle happened and the people of the town could only view them as gods in human flesh. He had become the living testimony of God’s own re-creation. He’s immortalized in Christ, he changed his generation and fulfilled purpose – the very essence of living.

Pee’s life and story could have had a different ending but for the love of Christ that made him a life-time exception.


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