Lost to Anger?

“You shouldn’t have spoken harshly to the cashier, Bosun. I’m sick and tired of your terrible temper!” Bimpe said to him as they got into his car from the supermarket.

“I shouldn’t speak up and be cheated? What are you telling me? I work hard to get my money,” Bosun replied angrily, his baritone voice echoing in the car.

“No one is disputing that fact, but try to take things easy. You just embarrassed me and yourself back in there. If you continue like this, we might have to stop going out together. I can’t stand you creating scenes unnecessarily…”

Bimpe, get out of my car before I do something we’ll both regret. Get out of my car!” he ordered.

“You’re ordering me out of your car, Bosun?” Bimpe couldn’t believe her ears.

“Out!!!” he screamed

Bimpe jumped out of the car and watched him zoom off. Still in shock, she walked further and flagged down a cab. When she got to her flat twenty minutes later, she was shocked to see Bosun at the door.

He prostrated before her. “Bimpe, please forgive me. I’m very sorry for my foolishness. Take my car key, you can have it. I love you. I promise it won’t happen again.” She stood akimbo, stamping her feet on the ground. “You expect me to forgive you and act like nothing happened after ordering me out of your car and embarrassing me in the public? You must be joking!”

“I’m sorry, Bim, I am.” He stood up. “You know I get angry easily, you shouldn’t have confronted me while I was still burning. You should have known me…”

“I can’t cope with this aspect of you that I know. Do you know how many times I forgave you for losing your temper? Do you know how long I’ve been hoping that you’d change? I’m sorry I can’t do this anymore.”

“Wha-a-at is that suppose to mean?” He asked.

“What else is it suppose to mean?”

“You’re quitting? You’re leaving me, Bim?”

“Does it amaze you? No normal lady would marry a man like you, who becomes a baby when he’s angry, who can do and undo because he lacks self control. I won’t say the two years of my life with you is a waste because I now have an idea of the kind of man I shouldn’t allow into my heart. You need help, Bosun, you really do. Forget about marriage for now, and go work on yourself. Only a desperate lady will marry you the way you are. Don’t bother to call me, I’m done with you, and I’m serious about it. I wish you all the best, Bosun.” She walked past him, and entered her flat.

Bosun remained glued to his feet. He didn’t believe his ears. He swiped at a tear drop. He knew Bimbo meant it that she was done with him. He didn’t blame her, she had endured his terrible temper for two years, while she hoped that he’d change, but he didn’t. Now he had lost her because he wouldn’t deal with his temper.

“This is me, if you love me, you’ll manage me. We all have our weaknesses, this is mine,” he usually said to her whenever she complained. He had thought she loved him too much to leave him.

“I’ve never loved any man the way I love you,” she once told him.

Now, two years of togetherness was gone!. Tears welled up in his eyes as he gathered courage to lift his feet. Bimbo was right. No lady should suffer for his weakness. Anger is an issue that people fail to acknowledge, even when it is evident in their lives and costs them friendships and relationships. Do not be a fool in 2016, let God help you deal with anger permanently.

Written by Olubunmi Mabel.


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