Interns' Job Description

Job Description/KPI

The following roles work in co-ordination and direct report to the role of the Church Administrator, Pastorate team in the following capabilities:


  • Daily management of the church office, including all of human resources for all non-ministerial staff.
  • Maintenance of all office equipment and computer systems.
  • Assist Personnel Team in the development and administration of the personnel policies and procedures of the church.
  • Maintenance of personnel records.
  • Develops and administers policies and procedures concerning the use of all church properties, and facilities.
  • Works with staff and organizations in coordinating the assignment of classrooms and church facilities/resources for meetings and activities.
  • Maintains an inventory/database of church property and equipment.
  • Participates in weekly staff meetings and scheduled committee meetings.
  • Facilitates the organization of volunteer help as needed.
  • Edit, schedule and send out weekly communications.
  • Records all membership changes: deaths, marriages, address changes, transfer of memberships, baptisms and new members.
  • Keep a database of those seeking financial assistance through the Pastoral Benevolence fund. Disseminate information and instructions, including names and numbers of social service agencies.
  • Other Job specific functions relating to their ministry of specialisation as assigned upon recruitment.
  • Any other assignments as directed

Proposed Skills to Learn:

  • Creative Writing Skills
  • Website/Blog Content Management
  • Photography
  • Creative Visual & StoryTelling
  • Church Sound Management
  • Digital Marketing Social Media (certificates, Facebook, google)
  • Digital Accounting
  • Project Management
  • Internet of things
  • Digital Video Recording/Editing and production
  • Programming/Codes
  • Leadership/Followership Management & PA