When a baby is newly born, it has no idea what fear or danger is. To a baby, fire is shiny, attractive and harmless till it reaches for a candle flame and quickly withdraws from the burning effect it brings the skin. After such ordeal, fear is formed – the sight of the candle and anything in similitude reminds the baby of that past pain.

Fear results in a cautious withdrawing response to physical and emotional danger which allows us protect ourselves from legitimate threats. We however sometimes take our fear over the edge, being afraid of things that need not be feared and thus hold back from moving forward or dong things that we are supposed to do.

Fear exists in different forms – fear of loss, fear of lack, fear of people, fear of death, fear of uncertainty, fear of failure amongst others.

The fear of external or societal perception comes with our natural consciousness for acceptance, we want to to align to societal expectations and sometimes hold back from being the true person, from the living in the reality or in our existence. This precludes progress and fulfilment.

Closely aligned is the the fear of criticism, especially that of destructive criticism. It’s simply implied in the avoidance of being told, that what you put your best into is nothing, is a waste. It’s on a large scale, the fear of rejection.

The fear of failure and taking wrong decisions holds a lot back from trying. We fear the resultant effect potential failure brings, its consequences and the vilification others might toss at us. Such exemplary fear is seen in kids from polygamous and broken homes as they steer clear of love and marital commitments – “I just don’t want to end up like my folks”.

There is also the fear of change. But not change in itself, but the fear of what new things change might bring – and as we all know, this is conceived as a negative propensity. We get so used to how things are and thus scared to do something differently, fear to move out of our current realities, out of our comfort zone, out of the known for the unknown, for we are unsure of the outcome.

The fear of not pleasing God. It’s the fear the accuser of brethren plants in the heart of a believer, when you want to obey God, actively participate in his service, witness to an unbeliever, sow a big seed towards a kingdom project – it’s whispers of “Who told you’ll ever be good enough for God?”, “A sinner like you wants to preach to another?” e.t.c and other like demeaning thoughts; even when you know you have cleared out your wages at the cross.

Fear begins a thought, and when marinated, moves on to create emotional foundations that tend to rule us, our actions and believes. It becomes strong and intense that it prevents us from doing things that are actually good for us.

However, by all truthful means, Fear is the opposite of faith.

“Fear & faith have something in common they both ask us to believe in something we cannot see” – Joel Osteen

God wants you to walk by faith, the devil wants us to walk by and live in fear.

Absolute freedom from fear can be found in the word of God. Having our minds renewed through constant meditation of God’s word. [Romans 12:2]. Feed your mind and digest the word constantly, much that it becomes part of you and part of your thoughts. As you meditate on what God says about you, you will be able to recognize the lies holding you back and you will overcome them by seeing who and what God says you really are.

“When fear knocks, let faith answer the door” – Robin Roberts

So if you’re afraid of what the economy will make of people, I have got some redeeming lines for you which you can repeat after me – “And my God shall supply all my needs according to his riches in Glory by Christ Jesus!”

Believe it. Shikena!


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