When it comes to forgiveness, I’m probably the biggest “fool” God created (pardon my use of that word). I endeavour to forgive ALL and WITH TIME never react to people based on past occurrences; just like a child. This doesn’t imply that I have never reacted badly towards people who hurt me (covers face).


Forgiveness simply means not holding or bearing grudges in your heart against anyone who offended you.  Are you finding it difficult to forgive? If need be, weep and pray when the issues are tough and difficult to forgive – I have done that many times in the past. Oops! There were even times when I had to go on dry fasts; saying “Lord, please just help me forgive this person; just help me Lord.”

Forgiveness is a must

Do you always have to interact with people who have hurt you in the past? That boils down to the nature of the offence. It would be very stupid of a lady to go and visit a guy who once tried to rape her or succeeded in doing the wicked act, just because he apologized profusely and blamed his cruel action on the devil. In this case, once bitten, 10,000 times shy ni o. I personally avoid people who have proven to be tough nuts to crack. I also avoid people who leave me depressed everytime I interact with them; especially the ones who always work at fanning the embers of unforgiveness in me. Chai! Mi o fi se’ka o, but if you can’t push me to tow the path of forgiveness as God has commanded, biko leave me alone.


Forgiveness is not another name for foolishness or stupidity.

Sometimes, forgiveness takes a very long time to take root in one’s heart. It’s kind of like a pruning or purging process – it goes one day at a time, and a lot is taken from you emotionally in that season. But, all is well that ends well.

Personally, I often wonder when people who once claimed to be in love become avowed enemies, because of a break-up. ‪#‎Thinking‬ Does love evaporate just like that? Does love only boom in favourable conditions and peters out at the scent of trouble. Shuo! What suddenly happened to the kori-kosun love they formally professed; plus the bond and friendship too? Lol! See, if that relationship didn’t work out with Salewa, then it most likely wasn’t ordained by God.

We rarely know what the future holds (except the Holy Spirit opens the eyes of our understanding), SO boya ori lokan tete yo e from future disaster early enough. Please; stop being bitter because she broke up with you. Auntie kindly forgive Shakiru for ending your engagement abruptly. You don’t need to stock up on emotional trash o. In my opinion, LOVE and FORGIVENESS are birds of a feather.


Forgiveness brings freedom


All the days of my life I’ll be committed to being like my heavenly Father. I will forgive 70 × 7 times mehn! Forgiveness is equal to freedom, therefore God will keep on engracing me.

Strive to forgive no matter what people opine, because whosoever lives his life consistently in the consciousness of what people will say about his actions, will soon die of high blood pressure. The one who is unforgiving too will soon die of whatever it is that “bitter people” die of. Also, if you want to live a lonely life, bereft of humane affections, then hold on very tightly to that spirit of unforgiveness and people will gladly flee from you with the speed of light.

Paul said to live with a conscience void of offence towards God and towards man. If my heart isn’t right with any man, how then can I open my mouth to seek God’s benevolence upon my own life? Let practice forgiveness and “forgetfulness,” it is the best way to live. The peace of God can only be with the one who practices absolute forgiveness. Finally, nothing should be too hard to forgive for any man who wants to reign with Christ at the end of his sojourn on earth.

Have a blessed weekend everyone. Cheers!!!

Please, let this post transform your thinking and inspire you to make all necessary corrections in your life. God bless us all.

Culled by Tolu Olatunji


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