Day 32 – 2017 RCCG Prayer and Fasting Prayer Points

Day 32 - 2017 RCCG Prayer and Fasting Prayer Points

DAY 32 (2017 RCCG Prayer and Fasting Prayer Points)


  • Intense praise and worship
  • Father give us the grace to please you in all that we do in this year 2017
  • Father give us the grace to wake up and win souls, attend House Fellowships, Digging deep , Sunday Services and other church programs regularly in this year, 2017
  • Father, help us to be faithful in honouring you with our first fruit, giving our tithes  and offering regularly throughout this New Year 2017
  • Father arise, and show yourself mighty on our behalf and on the behalf of our , parishes and family members
  • Father arise and help me to stir up the giant in me
  • Father help me to recover all the lost grounds in this New Year  2017
  • Father help me to forever be relevant and never become a man of yesterday. 1Sam 16:1
  • Father have mercy on me and reverse every irreversible in my life this year. Ezek. 37:1-12
  • Father, you are the help of the helpless, help us to be united and help RCCG to forever be relevant
  • Pray that every rival of revival in RCCG should dry up from its root in Jesus Name
  • O Lord, hold my right hand and use it to subdue the Nations. Isa. 45:1
  • Let us decree the presence of light into every situation of our lives in this 2017. Gen.1:3
  • Let us pray for the light of God to overshadow every activity of darkness in our country in this 2017. Gen 1:3
  • Let us pray that no secret of the enemy will be hidden in our parishes in this 2017. Gen. 1: 4
  • Father, arise and do marvellous creative miracles in my life in this 2017, O Lord. John 9:1-7
  • Let God arise and let His enemies be scattered in our country. Ps. 68:1-2

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