Casting Worries

I am a National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) member, which sometimes connotes not having the usual access to cash favours from parents. I should however state for the record that my parents are the best, very supportive and extra loving.

Back to my story, I was posted last year and my call-up letter indicated the Federal Capital City, Abuja. The three mandatory weeks on camp rolled out and I was eager to redeploy, but due to lack of connections aka “leg” to pull the necessary strings and coupled with the “Abuja hype”, I had to stay back.

Staying back meant I had to opt to squat given the ridiculous cost of living in the town. The family I stayed with were loving and their place comfortable. Like I expected, it was different from my house, in that they had one mandatory meal a day for everyone which equally meant I had to eat out anytime the meal for the day did not go well with me. Transport was a headache. I literally felt my heart drop anytime I had to calculate my T-fare every month. Did I mention toiletries, because that was also an issue; I didn’t go home as much as I wanted to due to the obvious distance, therefore there was no more raiding the cupboard for my little necessities – toothpaste, toilet rolls plus body cream, makeup, amongst others. As if things could not get worse, the recession in the country meant double the price with the same income.

My parents tried, they understood the living conditions and sent money whenever they could but it wasn’t enough. I learnt a handcraft with the hope of boosting my income but I was not skilled enough to make money of it. With all these circumstances, I requested for money too many times. Sometimes they snapped and other times they would just console me. I pitied them which made me feel bad for myself.

I was so upset on one occasion that I determined not to ask anymore. I saw hell; not hell per se, just couldn’t cope. In serious depression and at my wits end, I went to God, I prayed for ease and sincerely prayed for my parents since they were my primary source; I had to just pray rather than asking and getting disappointed.

Like a miracle, He did answer. Dad called, asked about my wellbeing and sent me money. I was overjoyed. Given that my little government allowance had taught me much prudence, I extended the same to Dad’s early xmas tip to ensure it was carefully spent.

With time, I stopped asking and continued praying and they kept sending money, which made me realize that they were not the ones providing but God. He cared about me from the beginning and if I had gone to Him from the start, I would have avoided a lot of hard and broke times. Huge life lesson moment right there.

Jesus still cares and still provides, praying to Him will enrich your pocket and sources. Casting all to Him is the only way out into Joy.


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