2015 Review

2015 Review

Welcome again to the ‘just-after-the-new-year-period’. We bless the Messiah for His love and faithfulness over us as individuals, family, church, and the nation.

Let’s go take a quick reflection on some of the issues that affected us or had implications for us as children of God in the year 2015.

One of the issues that reverberated around the world were the repeated attacks by terrorist/Islamic groups. There were attacks in France, Syria, and of course Nigeria. It is noteworthy that such attacks do not distinguish between religious inclination, but affect everyone. We need to pray for peace and security across our land. Also that God will arise and begin to fight on behalf of all our brethren locally and internationally, who are being persecuted for the faith.

Another issue that end-time scholars and indeed all of us should be concerned about is the issue of unified currencies. Europe had adopted the Euro as a regional currency a long time ago, but major moves were made in 2015 to adopt a regional currency in Asia and Africa. While a regional currency has potential economic benefits for the region, we must realise that it is a short step from 5 regional currencies (Africa, Asia, Europe, North/South America, Middle East) to one world currency, which is one of the signs of the end time. While it is pointless to pray against all these signs of the end time which must surely occur, we need to be increasingly sensitive and vigilant, holding ourselves in a state of perennial readiness for the Lord’s coming.

On the entertainment scene, it has become a common sight to see secular musicians singing gospel songs and making waves. One of the prominent international example is Beyonce. Beyonce and Kelly Rowland featured on a remix of the gospel jam ‘When Jesus Say Yes’ by former Destiny Child partner Michelle. Locally, musicians like Iyanya have sang songs that appear to praise or celebrate God. As children of God however, we need to be extremely careful. The fact that a song mentions God or acknowledges His power doesn’t make it a gospel song. The Bible says even the “demons believe in God and they tremble”. We must be firm enough to not be swept up with the wave of people that “have a form of godliness but do not acknowledge the power thereof”.

Politically, Christianity and RCCG in particular have had a blessed year considering the number of genuine (as far as we can see) children of God in top political positions and appointments. Notable is the position of the Vice-president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, occupied by a Senior Pastor in the RCCG, Pastor (Prof) Yemi Osibajo. Now this is a double-edged sword. One side is that we have men and women like Daniel and Esther walking the corridors of power with the fear of God in their hearts, and a desire to do the right thing for the people. On the other hand, it is being repeatedly said that RCCG should do something about our national problems because she has many people in important positions. This lays an obligation on each and every one of us to consistently and continuously put all our leaders in prayer especially those representing the church and ultimately God in the political arena.

Speaking of arenas, the 3X3 Km auditorium of the RCCG was officially used for the first and second time in August and December 2015 respectively. This auditorium is the current record-holder in terms of size of auditoriums for a Christian gathering. The reality of this project has resulted in similar expansion work among our fellow labourers in MFM and Winners Chapel. This kind of positive influence is what we are hoping to see among the churches. The recent evangelism drive of Winners Chapel has also prompted RCCG to go back to our first love of evangelism and early morning prayers (30mins) in all parishes of the RCCG as instructed by Daddy GO.

No 2015 report would be complete without mentioning the 73-hour Marathon Praise program held at the Redemption Camp in March to celebrate the life of our Daddy G.O., Pastor Enoch Adejare Adeboye. The program is now a Guinness World Book of Records record-holder. The crowd was amazing, the music was electrifying, and the testimonies from the program are mind-blowing.

These are just a few sound-bites from the year under review. We pray that God keeps, guides, and helps us in the year 2016 even more than in the outgone year.


Written by Haastrup Tolu  





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